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22 janvier 2007

Cutting Edge III - the works

Those last three days were incredible...

I am NOT going to attempt a description, but we had an incredible time although almost half of what was planned had to be cancelled due to high temperatures and/or bad weather: Skeleton on the Cresta Run, nightly ski after a fondue on the mountain...

So that left us with a game of hockey, good skiing, some amazing but not primitve après-ski, a nightly trip on horse carriages to go have fondue in some secluded insider spot! And the obligate Caipirinha sessions. I love the people working for this company as they truly make for (a) great company*...

I fully intended not to be reachable, so I didn't check my mail nor switched on my phone during our entire stay in St Moritz possibly enjoying it even more as a result of that!

I recommend those pics even to those who don't know the people as there are a couple really bad pictures of me that I had the honesty to leave in as well as a couple pictures of funny t-shirts...

Next up: Morgins and then Verbier!
See ya there or sooner even...

* Yes I already regret this pitiful pun!


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