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09 avril 2007

Ways to interpret one's place and behaviour in the world

See, I have been thinking a lot lately - isn't that a recurring theme or problem of mine? - and I came up with a way to classify people...

I had had for a long time a way of dividing them into three buckets:
- Followers of the path of least resistance
- Followers of the path a maximal own utility
- Followers of their strict conscience, i.e. most righteous path possible

But I came to the conclusion that there were two influences:

The time preference dictates that people tend to want stuff here and now... It's represented by the discount factor, small delta.
- A delta of 0.0000001 means that you'd rather have an ice cream now than a million in an hour
- A delta of one means you are indifferent towards a million now or tomorrow
- A delta above one means you are saving up for later even if this means a loss of total utility
Delta can be found in interest rates, time preference of money, and all kinds of saving schemes. leasing or credit rates... For things less financial, think about people studying instead of going to work with 16!

The rate of internalisation of externalities shows whether you will act for your own good or take into consideration the losses incurred by externs while you maximize your own utility. I labelled it small theta, may Dr. P. Guyer forgive my denomination sins...
- A theta of one means you maximize the total social utility without any regard towards your own good
- A theta of zero means you don't care at all about anything happening to your environment as long as you get what you want
Theta cannot be observed as such in the outer world. You will see hints about it in hypocrisy, lies, deception, treachery... All of it knowing that true intelligent selfishness always tries to signal loyalty!

The combination of those two factors can lead to an interesting study of human behaviours that I won't go into today... let's just say I'm concerned with the borders of the vertical axis above delta = 1...

Feel free to chat me up about it and have yourself a very nice day!

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At 11 avril, 2007 11:13, Anonymous chuebel said...

very nice

I would say my position oscillates somewhere around P(0.5;0.8).


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