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05 novembre 2007

How youtube can change your life...

... or something!

I love comedy... I love comedy so much I even went alone to stand-up comedy clubs a couple times in NYC last time I was there!

You know: Friends, Seinfeld, Scrubs, Dream on, The Simpsons... And so on... Those light-hearted shows that are carved out of pure puns and a cunning mastery over words. Well youtube lets the users choose the best stand-up comedy, or the very moments you should remember, so I thought I'd share some insiders with you!

Now you can enjoy

Chris Rock - From never scared* About legal drugs

Dave Chappelle - Kids' Cartoons

Eddie Izzard - Cake or death (the playmobil version)

Pablo Francisco - Movie previews & Tortillas

Well, enjoy and post your preferences, I'm sure I'll check them out in the near future...

Ciao, P

* Is this place wrong for Krispy Kreme Donut dedication to a guy?

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At 05 novembre, 2007 15:45, Anonymous chuebel said...

not playmobil but LEGO!

At 05 novembre, 2007 18:58, Blogger P-Man said...

Yes sorry!

At 07 novembre, 2007 23:40, Blogger hardman said...

My favorite clip at the moment:


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