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Quand il n'est pas occupé par son herbier, le petit P sème des pierres blanches dans la forêt... Adepte de vieilles séries policères allemandes, il n'est pas peu commun de le trouver en train de manger la choucroûte devant la télé!

03 décembre 2007

Back in Black...

After meeting the CEO, his gf and my billing partner in Miami in different chance encounters, I'm back in ZH...

So I decided to relive this blog a bit!

No more Geneva, no more Luxembourg, just ZH and reliving my social life and using up my backlog of ideas and pictures...

So here goes my first batch of backpics: Miami...

Wildlife I - "Zere iz a tcherman tourist in efry wan af us"

Wildlife II - "The Miami school for legs who want to learn to look good and do other stuff good too"

Hotel - "Dream location"

Friend - "Are you guys gay or straight?"


More of course on FB


PS: Music tip of the day: user-generated content or rather as they'll have it talent-generated content Valeska Steiner, j'adore...


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