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24 avril 2007

Why the hell quote those guys?

I keep hearing stuff about my quoting authors and scientists in my articles...

Top 5 heard reasons

1. Pretend I'm smart
2. Steal thoughts and inspiration
3. Get googled more
4. Find a nerdy girl, who loves quotes too
5. Legitimate my points

Completely ridiculous! Why the hell would I do that for one of those reasons?

Of course the truth is "all of the above"!

I actually develop my thoughts myself, but then I get verbose. And most of you guys already don't like reading my english or french prose "as is"...

So thank to a contract from below, I now know all quotes there are to know... My google(tm) personalized page delivers three quotes a day and those are plenty to both seem smart, legitimate my points, inspire myself and I'm still waiting for the nerdy girl...

And wouldn't one think it's convienient to introduce a conclusion:

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired" Robert Frost

Yes! Yes...


Have a good night!


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