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09 janvier 2008

Discussions & disputes: Ways to treat your counterpart...

There are different ways to handle human interaction in a disagreement, a couple of them who make me quite mad quite fast, and various degrees respectfulness...

These holidays I had a little argument and my counterpart ended up taking the high road and saying
"Well with the little sleep you have had, it's quite normal that you should be in a bad mood"

And it drove me even more nuts...

Lastly, after everything had cooled down and sides had admitted their faults and taken a more objective view, I felt I had to write about it.

Voilà, just know that taking one of the two top roads can lead to my being more pissed than before, not less... And the third will almost invariably result in my pity and my saying "Stay on top of things"...

Have a nice day,

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