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Quand il n'est pas occupé par son herbier, le petit P sème des pierres blanches dans la forêt... Adepte de vieilles séries policères allemandes, il n'est pas peu commun de le trouver en train de manger la choucroûte devant la télé!

24 janvier 2008

That bloody splinter...

Yesterday, while sitting at home in front of a beer...

*** Aside ***
Dinner with Susan was great, but at some point I had to come home to Marc... y'know
*** End aside ***

Well rather than while sitting... While getting seated opposite Marc, a splinter (80% of the size of a match) got out of our wooden bench and into my thigh!

An hour of surgery later, I had suffered quite a lot and endured Marc's comments

"The thing I'm the most worried about right now is you farting"

To produce my wound, Marc had used:
- Plum brandy
- His swiss army knife
- An old pair of tweezers
- Kitchen paper

What the pictures show are just the remnants of the last bit of the splinter... What a night!


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