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31 août 2006

Just invented a funny pick-up line...

As I was talking to Andi, our visiting associate*, we talked about how we didn't really care about watching the weather forecasts.
A: Yeah, there's really always someone to tell you
P: Yeah, and it's a much better way to start a conversation than talking about the actual current weather. You're not really better off after saying "sunny today huh?"
A: True because you involve your counterpart, they have to answer if you open with "do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow"
P: Heck it could be a pick up line...
A: Yeah and it's perfect because after that you can follow-up with "ok, I was planing some swimming in the lake, but I guess we'll just go to the movies instead"
P: Wow, we're geniuses...
A: I've got a girlfriend, but you've got to use it this week-end and tell me how it went!
me thinking "I have to blog this"
P: Sure...

Oh and I'll blog exactely how it went too...

PS: For the french-speaking: une vidéo québécoise hilarante (office friendly)

* That's BCG lingo for intern, just like we use the term newies for newbies... WTF! probably because of the germans, the whole nation apparently got it wrong :banana:


At 31 août, 2006 13:52, Anonymous dude said...

how about trying them tonight at the valmann...?
now i'm a genius!


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