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25 août 2006

Just tell her...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

Today I woke up and I was thinking two things, that I probably shouldn't:
First off, what about setting the alarm clock a few quarters of an hour later?
Second, I realized that I was blocked in front of girls, I am totally unable to tell girls how I feel about them, especially in three scenarios*:
- I can't talk to a good looking girl...
- I can't admit that I don't want to have anything to deal with a girl seconds after having had sex with her**...
- I have a crush on a girl, she ends up dating someone else...

And in this very last scenario, I wonder where the limits are? I mean are there rules for that?

The first one is quite insolvable. That's why there is alcohol!

Patrick very cynically tried to define the rules for the second block in coupling*** with the cult sentence
"How long do you have to wait in the arms of a woman after having sex with her?"

For the last one, I need some guidance. In the very case that I should be tough and courageous enough to tell her... What do you say in those circumstances? Does the relationship you have to the boyfriend change anything?

Well well, I'm going to talk about that this week-end! Can only look forward to it...


* And I share that with quite a few other guys. After a long debate I decided to put this article in "I" form instead of writing "most men" all the time. It's both shorter and more captivating...
** sex that, most often I will have to admit to my shame, is not really initiated by me
*** best tv show ever!!!


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