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18 août 2006

On what drives us: Runaway Bride, Scrubs and other quotable stuff...

Yesterday after coming home from football w/BCG and at the Landesmuseum, I watched a couple episodes of Scrubs. JD said in an episode wrap-up:
"Sometimes people lie because telling the truth would make them vulnerable"

I then wound up zapping our two channels (we don't have cable and our antenna is crap) SF1 and SF2. There Woody Allen gave me
"I just don't know what to do about this committment"...

It all and more random thoughts about women made me think of the movie "Runaway Bride". If you don't know the movie, let IMDB summarize it for you:
"A reporter is assigned to write a story about a woman who has left a string of fiances at the altar."

In the movie, Richard Gere finds out that Julia Roberts is an insecure girl that has done everything to be like and please her former fiances. At the altar though she always had the instinct to leave them because they weren't who she wanted... But until then she would motorbike with the biker, rockclimb with the rockclimber and party with the nightlife-yuppie. She would eat her eggs just like her boyfriend and they would all think it was a superb coincidence they would like their eggs prepared the exact same way!

Many people are just like that: doing the like of and agreeing with the peers they respect most... Or with their boyfriends (or gfs for that matter)!

The question: How do we define what we do: Do we really think about what we want to do or follow some bizzare rules to define our plan?

And as I think many of us are to needy for affection because of insecurity and/or driven by another fear so much that they become second-handers*, some sort of caracterless followers trying to fit in something for the sake of not taking a decision... What drives us? Which fears? Which wants? What needs?**

Rephrasing the question: What are we walking away from? What is the fear driving us? What are we trying to achieve?

Carl Jung once wrote: "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
I think that building up on that message - that could be simplified to "our world vision is influenced by our personality" - one can say that our actions are also driven by what we think of us and of the world...****

In "South Park: bigger, longer, uncut" Stan sings "there's a girl that I like"... Well, "I just don't know about this committment", she admits to being a runaway bride type***. How could I ever get to know the real her?

Or maybe I should just admit that it is all perfect and listening to JD's wisdom giving in to the fact that I lie to myself because the truth could make me vulnerable?

Well, anyways, I'm getting ready for a nice TGIF beer, take care and enjoy your week-end!

* special thanks to Ayn Rand and tip of the hat to Sandro J
** Regulars of this column will know that I consider wants, fear and needs to be expressions of the Maslow needs pyramide... Of course the only positive expression being the want that is driven by the intrisic joy of self-fulfillment! That, of course, is seldom the case though...
*** For people who knew Siggy, she was one of those too... Quite drastically so in fact!
**** This is what the best book I ever read is about. Leadership from the inside out, it my sound very managementy but it's not! Buy it and read it, it'll change your life...

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