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04 septembre 2006

Tired of social games...

The entire week-end I have been thinking about stupid puns and quotes and sending them per sms just to distract myself from the fact that I grow tired of some behaviours and little games...

There is the Game of Men

Consider it a social version of the well-known chest-banging game we attribute to gorillas. Excuse me mister ape, no offense meant, yes we know you want the girl and the banana... Men feel like that too. The only thing really perfected by humans* is deception.

That is where people show up smiling and end up being complete jerks jockeying for their little territory, a territory you don't give a crap. Fine! Lausanne, I love Lausanne, but the mentality of some people there just blows.

Then there is the Game of Men & Women

There, the most successful behaviour for a man is to be arrogant and not care at all about what people think of oneself. That kind of true recklessness gets you through... There is no consolation prize for being the nicest, nor is there any visible upside to being faithful. That's just something that each and everyone has to decide for themselves.
Conversely, given that the ultimate goal for women is to grab a good boyfriend**, their best behaviour is to avoid being considered a total slut. The total slut label dooming a woman to being chased after by just about every one who hasn't scored her (yet). All the while being avoided by the other part of humanity. This category is usually not considered to be girlfriend material... Usually because men just lack the courage...

Although I do regret this state of facts, mentality is such... Accept it or move to Scandinavia***!

Now Friday was a mix of those games: With me gradually regaining faith in some Lausanne circles only for my hopes to be crushed with some amazing display in lack of class and social tact. On an unrelated matter, I ended up talking to a girl of sulfurous reputation (see above) only for her to be dragged away pulled by the wrist by an acquaintance and within seconds making out with said guy. Part of me felt angry and frustrated at the turn of events, part of me was convincingly trying to remain indifferent because I knew the type of gal I was dealing with but still sad it turned out to be true... And part of me just sad for her that she wouldn't realize that her behaviour is not optimal for her in the long-term****

Saturday, was an early wake-up, a terrible round of golf in a beautiful weather, a fancy birthday dinner***** and my first visit of the Java Club in Geneva! I was awestruck twice:
- The people were beautiful and the music was fantastic. Being in extremly good company and meeting a few known faces helped me have a great time... I didn't really care about these people intensely playing the afrementionned games as...
- Someone really got in my head. I will leave my commenting at that due to the fact that said person really didn't desert my thoughts since...

Have yourself a good start into the week and go check out the pixar video For the birds, it's amazing

* though also clearly invented by animals
** finding Mr. Right is apparently reserved to girls believing in the tooth fairy. The current correct behaviour(tm) seems to be grabbing a good boyfriend under objective criterias and then switch for better until Mr. Right is to be found or Mr. Good Enough grows a personality and proposes...
*** The author declines the opportunity to refer to other positive side-effects this relocation measure might bear!
**** probably some variant of the not-all-to-long-term
***** doubling as a "Caro leaves parents' home"-dinner

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