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01 octobre 2006

Off the top of my head... name dropping like a beast...

Sunday morning rain is falling (Marron 5)

Il y a quelques erreurs qu'on ne peut faire qu'une fois et dont on ne peut, par conséquent, rien apprendre... Je pense au suicide et au mariage... (un collègue)

Je n'ai pas besoin de faire de sport je conduit une voiture de sport [NDLR:Porsche] (un autre collègue)

You are such an amazing playboy [dimanche: un jeune homme qui a vu une Suédoise me draguer au Pacha... N'ayant pas été actif elle s'est lassée et est partie... so much about glory] (yet un autre collègue)

I was all right for a while I could smile for a while... the late Roy Orbison (please google the entire text I love the song)

Choffat Klappe! (le chef-chef comme tout le monde appelle le boss du bureau de ZH: AP pour le initiés) [alors que le bureau entier chantait "wir wollen Andy seh'n wir wollen Andy sehen*"]

Our hotel at "es cubelis"... Thought of you Chübel (a.k.a. Dave N)!

Back from the dead to take revenge, i'm sending the weekly reports to my team and it's 5 a.m. on sunday when the entire bureau sworn they would go to bed now (and at that time it was 10 p.m.)

57 mails while I was gone

Drogba: A Hattrick? you rule!!!

sorry for the phone, but I didn't use it in 3 days

18 years old is damn young to be so hot! I.N. hope you don't read this, but when we were in the kitchen, I really thought highly of myself to control myself... Or maybe I hated myself for not not to trying something... It would have been wrong anyway. You'll make one hell of a lucky man someday...

Pacha is a hell of a disco, especially with Bob Sinclar mixing!

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Your house rules...

J.A.: I didn't know you had a bf...

Dude for being yourself! You're da man...

Hubertus, Arist and Andy for being Dandies!

Marc J., you've been gone for a couple of months and the office misses you... for a couple of days and the house misses you!

Sevi for being to nice to describe, very good looking... and yet being derided for having your voice! Please never change...

Svenska: Paul and Johan: you rule! Patrick: You are underestimated...

Let me entertain you RW

Hub: For smiling when I told you my life was beautiful!

Séb R: You are quite the chatelain...

My life: for having the dilemma...

YZ: I think of you every day and every time I see an amzing woman I hope something can work out between us. i just hope I don't screw this up...

And a very happy birthday to Mick!!! I missed it on my blog (not IRL**), but I regret it. I like the fact that we found back to each other. You will definitely find a girl!

KW: This could mean "Kalenderwoche", it's not!!!

October for bing here!

Me: For thinking so highly of myself when times are not indicating very good results (Chris Z: special dedication to you). This is a message from drunken you: Stay positive...

See the thorn twist in your side some overknown band

Must... go... sleep...

Drunk people just reveal themselve more truthfully!

Stay tuned for the pics and more details,

* sur l'air de "wir wollen Titten seh'n, wir wollen Titten seh'n" (sorry but truth has to be said)
** In real life


At 01 octobre, 2006 17:27, Anonymous chuebel said...


Damn I read this before! But since it's ungoogable (to recognize ungoogable quotes are the last retreats of real geniuses btw) I am not sure from where I got it.

Is it from Dilbert?

nerdy greetings from es cubelis
aka el vengador misterioso

At 02 octobre, 2006 17:06, Blogger P-Man said...

Dilbert certainly, but also many different american pop culture references, where "must... do... this..." is a quite frequent sentence marking tiredness, thirst, closeness to death, etc...

Gruss, P


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