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Quand il n'est pas occupé par son herbier, le petit P sème des pierres blanches dans la forêt... Adepte de vieilles séries policères allemandes, il n'est pas peu commun de le trouver en train de manger la choucroûte devant la télé!

25 novembre 2006

Hawaïi stories - II


After two days of surfing, today (Friday) was for hiking... Of course we asked dear Mr. Google for a difficult hike (for a most educating info go here - and yes there are at least two routes...) Mr. talks about 5.5 hours to complete it, so we of course ended up doing it in about 3 hours.
BOTTOMLINE: we are fed up by the american way of saying everything is unsafe, difficult, impossible, not to be done, forbidden*, people tell you "you could seriously die" and signs tell you "trespasser could endure severe injuries including death" :-)

Let the pics do the talking...


PS: Personal message "Quizno's is awesome"
* climing palm trees is illegal in Hawaii as Mark would end up finding out whie hanging out (well technically he was hanging but not hanging out) in front of a club at 3 a.m.


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