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01 juin 2007

The tipping point...

That is whenever things start being considered somewhat differently...

The classical example of a tipping point is - think about it - the moment in a romcom* where
- she sees him doing cute
- without any hope of return
- without him knowing that she watches

Usually that involves playing with children and/or something artsy and/or something ecological... Or something really anonymous and generous!

Well just like another example that I like: Le Livigroub...

For those who haven't read it and/or those who don't remember, let me tell you this example of young Marcel Pagnol:
Small town whiz boy, barely a teenager, falls for big city girl of his age while both are on holidays in Provence. At her place, everything he experiences seems to be reeling with exotism.
In this part, Pagnol expresses the emotions insecure love and deferent novelty cause in every one of us, a torturing yet wonderful feeling to be sure...

One year later, he visits her house with the eyes of someone who has seen it all
Here Pagnol describes the tipping point of having grown and experienced things

My tipping point lately has been on the professionnal side. Always have I had this kind of respect of the rookie towards older professionals... The respect of the young looking guy towards the old looking guys... The respect towards guys with a lower voice...
And so on...
And on...

My sudden realization of a tipping point was in a meeting lately, where a guy who was the fear of our project team turned out to be a guy with some grey hair, older looking hands and most importantely for a brief lapse in the discussion complete cluelessness!

Now don't get me wrong, I still do respect the guy! It's just that my weariness at the time caused a contrasted feeling in me:
- While at the time I wanted to shout and go Michael Douglas in "Falling Down"...
- ... it felt quite pointless and unnecessarily tiring to do so.

After that, I felt really professional. I had a feeling that I was like everyone else. The client side monster looked old at once, instead of powerful. Hair progressively lacking, married, some grey hair, old looking hands and just as insecure as any of the guys. And in this very regard: Just like me...

A sad sad story indeed...

That was my turning point this week!

But I'm tired, so I talk crap... If you see me, remind me to smile. After all, life is great! as seen here... A video I love labelled "le grand content"... How motivating! Is it not?

Bonne soirée à tous et bon week-end!

* romantic comedy

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At 01 juin, 2007 23:32, Anonymous Armen said...

mouais, plutôt déprimant comme vidéo.
Moralité de l'histoire... acheter un chiot?

At 02 juin, 2007 22:26, Anonymous chuebel said...

just for the record:

c u at ze prom


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