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09 octobre 2006

Backlog: Ibiza's first night...

The theme "dirty and famous"

Sure, we recognize Britney, don't we? But Katherina here is not really dressing as a famous person, is she?

More Britney...

Ali G?

Fun times were had by all...

I do share my office with more than one of those, scary!

And of course the obligatory picture of me, drawn like a moth to a flame by the karaoke "Dancing Queen"... Well given the clothes, almost...

Pascha pictures the day Google updates the bandwidth or the day I have some time on my hands again... Oh and my week-end has to follow at some point as i disappionted the Lausanne crew* by going for the chick on saturday evening, more on this to come as I might have a gf again!


Vincent: Sorry Sorry désolé désolé désolé je m'en veux pas mal mais il faudra que je t'explique j'étais un peu mort et je voulais absoluement sceller l'histoire avec la demoiselle j'essaierai de t'appeler cette semaine mais en tout cas je suis confus et j'espère que tu as eu une bonne grosse fiesta nonetheless et cetera baci baci et tout et tout!!!!


At 10 octobre, 2006 00:28, Anonymous chuebel said...

Shit I've got one hell of a boring life compared to thee.

I envy you. chuebel

PS: Ali G hits the mark!

At 12 octobre, 2006 17:04, Blogger P-Man said...

It's not as exciting as it sounds and looks... Don't worry, I still spend most of my time working or worrying about life!

Greets, P


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