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19 février 2008

Fatality starts with affirmations...

Each and every inspirational or life-changing book will invariably tell you this one thing:

The first step to change is (i) admitting the facts as they stand and (ii) as such the need to change

Deep down

No concessions, no ifs, no buts...

The problem with this is that people have taken to the admitting facts (i), but not the need to change (ii). I call this the guilty smile method!

I am just like that...

I just can't resist peanuts...

I'm just not a morning person...

I just can't switch off a television set

Even in my job, some people just say
I just don't understand IT management, complicated excel or whatever with a guilty smile and that is effectively a beg for me to do this part of the work. Am I meant to feel good? Should it make me feel powerful? Is it a call for pity?

People openly admitting their faults think it absolves them. Well it's effective to make people tolerant to those faults, while one is working to change them... And that's just the point!

Today dear reader, you'll have a task:

You will pick up a fight with someone... and you'll lose!

No, much easier...

Spot fatality in your own speech and just reformulate it into a positive statement

I am resisting peanuts this time

I'll just switch off the tv


This is not about pretending to be a better person than you are, this is about - step I (ii) "admit the need to change" - actually becoming a better person!

Deep down


See you tonight to watch the Champion's League!

P "usually I'm arrogant, but today I'll be humble"

PS: The author would like to thank Mr. Coué and all writers of coaching literature for the inspiration on that one...

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