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12 octobre 2008

The main topic is "whether at all" not "how"...

My pet peeve is to find statements I don't like and provoke thoughts around me... It's just really easy with some medias and/or some topics:
In an article titled Inmate takes too-fat-to-execute argument to Supreme Court, I found one of my newest grieves:

"The high court has not offered clear guidelines on what medical standards need to be met before an inmate is eligible for death"


My take on it is that either you are FOR death penalty or AGAINST, but you don't argue about how much hurt...

At the end of the article the appeal that started it all:
"A Washington state killer was given a reprieve in 1994 after claiming he was too obese to hang"

Oh really?



Was he going to die to fast?

Oh well...


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