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20 février 2009

RTW V - Tokyo - January 31st to February 2nd

Tokyo was really really fun! Thank you Mio for taking me around...

Eight little considerations about Japan

On business cards, the titles come before the names. In the West, the other way round

On elevators, Japanese people walk on the right side and stand on the left...

They love schoolgirls, and they have bars dedicated to them... The local Hooters I guess!

Manners they tend to bow & clap at lot... and sleep on subways!

Food is fantastic:
- Bean based dessert are surprising but really really good “Age man ju” for example
- Sushi in small sushi places costs ridiculous 120 Yens for two standard pieces on sushi (the price of a cheeseburger)
- On the other hand alcohol is really expensive as they get drunk on three drinks. Hehe...

The beckoning cat is a cultural symbol... And I think it's an origination of the popular brand “Hello Kitty”

The Japanese alphabet is an alphabet of syllables, like Lo Cha Ti... Those are all just a letter. That explains why Japanese brands have such odd names like DoCoMo... In Japan, it's just a three letters acronym!

In Japan, foreigners are called gaijins. And we do inspire a bit of shock & awe... Here are some a prioris that Japanese people have about us (often rightfully so)
- We are rude. Tact, Japan style, goes way beyond our normal politeness
- We don't know how to eat with sticks (my style was adjusted)
- We are tall, blond and curly... Oh yeah, I abused that one too...
- We inspire some fantasies for some Japanese ladies...

Here are my pictures with impressions of Tokyo

Voilà, cheers,

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