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26 mars 2009

RTW - VIII - San Francisco - Feb 11th to 16th

I am determined to finish this series, if only so that I have archives come any trip down memory lane

Just back from Las Vegas, it was time to finally chill in San Francisco...

Good times were had by all as I stayed four days at Julien's and three at Adgenie's (I guess Adrien & Eugenie are Adgenie, just like Tomkat and Bradgelina, no?). Under the same logic, I'd like someone to explain how to combine Julien and Julie... Thx!

Some highlights need to be shared though:

The gigantic pillow fight on Valentine's Day

btw, if you like flashmobs, you'll just love that

So I had a couple considerations from the nightlife, given that Julien took me out quite a bit:
- I finally had an occasion of showing off my knowledge of the capital city of Honduras (Tegucigalpa) as I met a couple girls from Honduras at “French Tuesdays”. Yep... Go figure...

- It's official: in North America, girls and guys learn how to dance in hip hop music videos. Funnily enough, the lower the class, the more like it...

- Kindergarten teacher's assistant is a job that exists. And some find me attractive...

- Young girls don't understand me when I negligently say this line after a nerdy joke
“Well, you see darling, in Rain Man, I'm more Dustin Hoffman than Tom Cruise”
“In what? Is that a movie?”
“Pff... A tray... Lord Darth Vader? … Oh Forget it!”

Well, the pictures album on fb is there...


PS: Mysterious Valentine's day girl, you'll be remembered! What a mystery...

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