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05 novembre 2008

Quit the bandwagon...

As it seems, lately, that most of the people were pretty sure of themselves and without contrast in their opinion, I have to add my grain of salt!

I don't like people without doubts and I couldn't help noticing how people who normally would shy away from any kind of intelligent political talk seemed to have a firmly rooted opinion:
Obama it is!!!


Are you sure you have an opinion???

After a long work for myself determining whether all the arguments were worth voting for what still amounts to a socialist and finding that yes, they were so:
- Creationism, guns, a wall against immigration, pro-life, etc...
- The fact that J McC had a great likelihood of dying a president and that Palin in his place would be a catastrophe (the killer one)

I'd just like to post two cards to show my irony towards this collective behaviour and tell people:
Really! Stop getting on those trendy bandwagons and think for yourself!!!

Now! Really? Can you tell me?


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