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15 septembre 2008

How I didn't get to sit back, relax and enjoy Cameron Diaz's purple bra...

My travels to UAE part I - Censorship

Aaaahhh... Gotta love all those little questions:
- Champagne? Orange Juice? Water? No thanks!
- Something else? No thanks!
- Little appetizers No thanks!
(she stills brings them)
- Hot towel Yes please!

And then finally: Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

I watch "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and it starts with the little disclaimer:

This movie has been cropped to fit this screen and eidted for content

I don't really pay attention and watch the movie, stopping once for the following consideration:

In the end, if it's about Harrison Ford kissing that 60 year old woman with a bit of impatience, I'm not even really sure I'd like to see it... In other words, never mind!

Then I watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy. Just btw, Emirates - Best... Airline... Ever... The inflight entertainment loads another episode of the same sitcom, when you're done. I'm just figuring about 6 potential hours of HIMYM. Legend... Dairy!

After a couple of Family Guy episodes with that bizzare intro with only Brian and Stewie and an excellent foie gras (albeit served too cold to my likings), I decide to switch back to movies...

I know! Life is really tough...

So I figure I'll watch What happens in Vegas . Now I have been scrolling for a couple minutes and I can't really wait for the movie to begin so I fast forward a bit...

The movie is a riot... I just love it!

And then somewhere after an hour and ten minutes, Ashton Kutcher, lovable stupid loser ad perpetum says something that will crush my world

Well, what is it with you women and granny panties. Do you really mean to say "we will never have sex ever again" *

They're comfortable and supporting just like men should be

Well your purple bra in Vegas was really hot

Oh my God! He said purple bra... I should have seen Cameron Diaz in a purple bra, but I didn't...


I still watch the end of the movie. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies and today I ceremonially proclaim myself to old to change that... Hehe!

Well, long story short, I went to the beginning of the movie after that and there it was staring me back in my face:

This movie has been edited for content!

P "I'll live... really!"

* With the much vaunted

PS: Episodes of those great american sitcoms restart from Sept 22nd - Download on Amazon to avoid censorship... Possible? Who knows?
PPS: Today, just to test of course, I tried to retrieve some stuff from the internet today and everything was blocked - OMG OMG OMG...
No wonder men are not allowed to look at women, that would trigger a lot of unreleased... Hmmm...
Let's just say the western guys have Maxim, FHM, oh well...

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