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05 mai 2008

Anecdote of Montreal

A little anecdote from the W, that will make some men smirk... And most people frown!

Setting the Scene
I was getting back from my saturday evening meal at Otto's and wanted to drop off some stuff and then head towards the Wunderbar, the hotel bar/disco, as I had been (somewhat ill-) advised by the barmaids of the Otto!

The Scene - Act I
I am in the elevator and two chicks with incredibly short skirts and revealing cleavage also board it:
- A stunning blonde, about 5'8'' (1,70 m) including heels, with black leather dress and an engineered chest, somewhat vulgar.
- An ever more stunning Brunette, at least 6'2'' (1,87m), very decent black dress with much more standing than her friend, nonetheless revealing what can only be described as a naturally perfect body...

So that's what goes through my head:
Demon inside smiling: "They are so hookers... Incredible!"
Angel inside chastising the demon: "You should be ashamed. You are so prejudiced... All day long you praise North America for slutty outfits. And when they are provided, you think like an asshole..."
Me, speaking to them as they get out: "Have a nice evening"

The Scene - Act II
I board the elevator again, dressed more lightly with a pimp shirt (irony intended)... Four boys, the bachelor party type, are coming down from level ten, the suite floor. They have various alcohol containers (as those tend to be labeled on this continent) in their hands!
Me: "Four boys at suite level! Sounds like a party..."
They: "Yeah!" Giggles
Then at floor five, the blonde enters again...
At the Mezzanine level, where a cool bar is located, they get out and one of them asks her to come with them!
She hesitates, looks to get out, looks at me as I prevent the door from closing before her, then gets out completely for a second... I understand I'm meant to hold the elevator. Or I think I do, by now I'm curious just as much as I'm being a gentleman!
At that moment I overhear her saying in a ushered voice: "I'll stay, but it's at least 300 dollars"
I push on the open button once and then I let the elevator close as I hear the guy saying "Okay"

Demon saying to angel "They are so hookers... Incredible!"


I smile a lot as I enter the Wunderbar...
Cheers from Montreal!

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At 07 mai, 2008 10:45, Anonymous Adrien said...

Me too, I praise America everyday for slutty outfits !

Vive le W !!!!


At 14 mai, 2008 21:17, Blogger Nicolas said...

he he... vous cherchez encore a staffer du monde à Montreal?? Moscou-Montreal, ça doit pouvoir se faire en une seule connection...


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