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22 avril 2008

It's all about that real true deep intimacy...

It's not about the sex, it's about the initmacy that sex allows two people to establish between each other!

And ask yourself now: How do things start?

I have been repeating this for a long time now...

Among the five levels of possible man-woman interaction:
1 - Chit-chat/Small-talk
2 - Actual conversations
3 - Confidence and secret sharing
4 - Intimate confidence and familiarness *
5 - Sex

The fourth is the most important...

The hick is: It doesn't come from confidence and secret sharing. It comes from sex... Wild animal dirty out-there sex!

Why is it the most important?
- Because (except in teenage years) noone has really ever been in love before having had sex. And somehow there's only ever sex where a girl is fascinated with a man or just wants sex for various reasons... None of those reasons is because she's already in love with the guy!
- Because it's the feeling you are left with when you stop sweating...
- Because it's the feeling you feel when you sit next to someone at a table, instead of being bored being cousin Alfred recounting his army stories!
- Because it's the feeling that makes you feel "this is my man" / "this is my woman", where somewhere in level 3 you were at best thinking "I admire this individual" or "this is an ideal parent to my children / a safe solution for my future"
- Because it's this vibration people call love, creating longing over oceans... Creating (oh my god) long-distance relationships...

Are there examples why this could be the most important?
- Beaten wives still loving their husbands?
- Suspicious wives/gfs not even feeling like hugs anymore?
- Nymphomaniacs sleeping with anyone for an hour of that feeling... Then feeling disgusted as he puts his clothes on and leaves...
- Women helplessly in love with a bastard playboy they had sex with and who then took them in their arms even a fraction of a minute...

Notice how this is all connected to the physical act of sex?

It's all normal...

That's what sexually successful men understand intuitively, even though it's really not about one-night stands:

To get and keep a girl: Shag first, ask questions later

Sad, but true...

But think about "intimate confidence and familiarness"...


* Familiarness ---> not to be confounded with familiarity

PS: Fro reference this is excellent: Thank you Bull Durham! I believe... you are on point in a weird and kind of baseball heavy way...

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