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08 avril 2008

Four fundamental fears

According to Fritz Riemann, there are fundamental fears. I'd like to scope those out as they are a helpful framework that I might refer to onwards...

Fear of commitment - as the fear of losing one's "I", identity and independance
Fear of self-realisation - as the fear of isolation
Fear of imperative - as the fear of finitness & loss of freedom
Fear of change - as the fear one's transient nature & insecurity

Basically two pairs of fears along two dimensions
- Fitting in vs Differentiating oneself
- The relation of time and being
And two characteristics
- Controlling
- Irresponsible

The happy news are
- that bascially noone is fear-free
- that state-of-the-art psychology seems to think everyone is sick!

The bad part, the value of a good equilibrium lies in the eye of the beholder...

But more on this another time,

PS: For the german speakers, an article I've liked about the fears

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