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06 avril 2008

Reprint - Wisdom about long-distance

I had published this... Then removed it by feminine request...
Now I restate it because I was watching How I met your mother (short HIMYM, btw youtube this!)

And Ted made this statement:
Long-distance is a lie teenagers tell each other to get laid the summer before college

Let me start with a bold statement I live by:
They don't work, except if the long-distance part is limited in time!*

"I think I'll stay here this week-end, why don't we spend the week-end split" - random expat

"What will she know?" - random drunk chick

"And where is your boyfriend now?" "Why isn't he here with you?" - random horny dudes

And, according to me, planning ahead should never exceed the current duration-to-date of the relationship... Admit it: Other stances are freaky!*

"My parents will love you, when you'll meet them at Christmas" - Yes, you don't dream. It's sunday and you meet her at Friday's after drink by the lake. After all it's early september...

"What do you do in Summer?" - that chick you met after new year's eve, that party you ended up spending with your own parents :-)

"Next month, who knows?" - That chick you've been with for nine months, before you leave for 4 weeks...

An ex [23:52]:
you've got a mail btw
mais tout parait tellement organisationnel, je souhaiterais un we spontané ou hop on saute ds un avion et on se retrouve, random comme ça avec tout notre temps devant nous...
c'est beau de rêver!!
Choffat Patrice [23:53]:
les week-end spontanés sont le luxes des couples pris dans un daytoday dans la même ville

Just my 2 pennies...


* Most quotes from own experience...

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