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10 novembre 2008

Plain ladies - Slutiness or Virtue?

Here's a theory that I've had for some time and finally made it to digital!

[Some lines of transversal discussion have been removed but most the chat is complete...
Unedited for orthography nor grammar!
The name of my sparring partner has been removed, but I can only say it's a very smart cookie!!!]

The intro & the build-up

[01:18:57] A Fabulous Chick: patrice!!
[01:19:02] A Fabulous Chick: cheer me up please :)

[01:19:32] ME : I'm in a Skype threesome right now and at the same time online with S and trying to write an article about fat chicks
[01:20:03] ME : but let me stop all that NOW
[01:20:13] A Fabulous Chick: lol
[01:20:25] A Fabulous Chick: fat chicks...? i dont even really want to know what triggered that
[01:20:29] *** PC has changed the chat topic to "Patrice goes for the better task of cheering up Mademoiselle!!!"

The theory

[01:32:03] ME : I've had this theory for a long time: Unattractive ladies tend to drift one of two ways and then reinforce that stance progressively until it's not really decent anymore...
[01:35:04] A Fabulous Chick: and im not sure i get your theory, but thats not really surprising lol
[01:35:09] ME: Either they get laid and discover the carnal pleasures and then tend to be a bit easier and more explorative (for lack of a better word) than regular ladies
[01:38:13] ME: so back to our slightly overweight ladies
[01:38:21] A Fabulous Chick: yes
[01:38:34] A Fabulous Chick: well i have a theory on that too
[01:38:41] ME: so either they have a normal sex life and become slutty in order to get some
[01:38:47] ME: sorry for the reduction
[01:39:11] ME: Or they rationalize the fact that they don't get men by stating that they themselves are quite picky and waiting for Mr. Right
[01:39:23] ME: of course this attitude is the highway to spinster...
[01:39:49] ME: but some stay this course for a looooooong time before going for diet or slutdom
[01:40:00] A Fabulous Chick: well OR they realise that overweight is not a characteristic but rather a current state and actually take action
[01:40:01] ME: (or is it rather sluttiness)
[01:40:19] ME: true - going for diet
[01:40:32] ME: I know people who went that way quite successfully actually

The awkward moment

[01:40:48] A Fabulous Chick: i dont think that there is a higher proportion of fat women dressing slutty than other women
[01:40:59] A Fabulous Chick: i just think you notice them more (in a weird way)
[01:41:36] ME: I'm not talking about dressing
[01:41:40] ME: I'm talking behaviour
[01:41:45] ME: putting out
[01:41:52] A Fabulous Chick: still, im not buying it
[01:41:57] ME: well
[01:42:31] ME: the prude, pruder, even more prude, so prude it's silly and finally Sister Maria-Magdalena prude evolution has been proven
[01:42:44] ME: and the "put out" version not quite...

The very awkward moment

[01:42:56] A Fabulous Chick: mmmmmmmmmmm
[01:43:06] A Fabulous Chick: have you been sleeping with fat women?? is this the issue

The finale

[01:43:06] ME: but first and foremost because many quite attractive women are also happy in bed...
[01:43:14] A Fabulous Chick: (smirk)

Thank you Mademoiselle, you are truly fabulous!


PS: Dédicace spéciale à un admiratrice silencieuse... Chose promise, chose dûe!

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At 12 novembre, 2008 04:24, Anonymous California said...

Once I ve been told: The ones who enjoy life pleasures as food, party... (and are therefore not skinny and always attractive) enjoy the others pleasures as sex too...
But I don't know, maybe the correlation doesn't exist at all...

At 13 novembre, 2008 14:17, Blogger P-Man said...

Yeah, well...

Some enjoy life's pleasures and are sporty too...


At 14 novembre, 2008 11:51, Anonymous a future fat chick if it turns out good said...

I think YOU SHOULD SLEEP WITH ONE if you haven't done so yet. Then you write a great but honnest piece on how it was !!

Plizzzz ?? (Je suis sûre que ça serait passionnant !)


At 15 novembre, 2008 03:55, Blogger P-Man said...


Dear "a future fat chick if it turns out good",

I have already slept with a couple fat chicks in my days... It ranged from really bad to really good. I am not biased...

I'm just saying what they think about starting the entire ballet!

Kepp your enthousiasm up,



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