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07 novembre 2006

The importance of being flexible...

I am waiting for my case to really get into full swing...
... So Friday I checked with my boss whether it was okay that he should stop sponsor me to be on the case and that I take some holidays! He would tell me on monday...

I don't know about you Francis, but I really need a break, maybe a trip or somethin'

Saturday Mitch tells me there is no way he can go on holiday right now at the end of november. Now he had tried to get me to commit for a couple months for the end of november. And now, not so much my friend... Ok!

Sunday I devised a plan, I would go to NYC for a week to see Cedric and then pursue my US trip with a week at Adrien's in San Francisco*.

I called them up, Cedric wouldn't be there but lend me the keys to the NYC Chelsea appartment and Adrien would go to Hawaïi for Thanksgiving. Of course I was game and really hoping by now that I could go...

Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemlas auf Hawaïi, noch nie in San Francisco mit zerrissenen Jeans...

Monday I got the thumbs up from my boss** and went to look first for the three round trips: ZRH-NYC***, NYC-SFO, SFO-HNL ... really expensive!
And then for the sick and twisted combination of flights that I needed: ZRH-NYC-SFO-HNL-ZRH : AA 1'750$**** - ticket not avalaible, AA 1'850$ - ticket not available, 2400 $ ticket available... I need to call CWT***** and see what they can find!

Tuesday, call CWT, they give me feedback in the early afternoon, barely over 2'000 CHF plus some booking fees = Deal!

Happy Patrice, even if it means an additional big fat "to do":
"US Trip - do this week!!!
- Fix B@S
- Call Julie to discuss her CV and link her to Nadine
- Do Steuererklärung!
- Book flights (Delta) - done!
- Cancel diner with Laggers and co, apologize and reschedule!
- Cancel BCG Tea Party @ HSG (mail with apologies to Sylvia B.) - done!
- Cancel Siedlers avec @
- Cancel St Martin - call Laggers to say you'll attend Marian 30th"

Have yourself a great day, take care!

* In his superb Mountain View apartment to be fair
** Merci Naumi, merci Otti!
*** In many search programms NYC means all NYC airports, else it would of course be JFK, LGA, EWR...
**** 1 USD = ca. 1.32 CHF
***** Carlson Wagonlit Travel, even if they do charge some booking fees, I'd get a pricing first anyway!

PS: Mitch: Je comprends très bien que tu ne peux planifier que un mois à l'avance, mais moi je suis soit spontané, soit 3-4 mois à l'avance... Quel dommage, mais tentons un Rio de Janeiro en 2007!
PPS: Dédicace du titre à une amatrice de théâtre


At 07 novembre, 2006 18:22, Anonymous chuebel said...

Nice homerun, duuuude!!!

Really envy you for the SFBA stay and looking forward to some nice pics.

And... install the plazer on your notebook and make your trip visible to us!

cheers, Chuebel

At 07 novembre, 2006 18:32, Blogger P-Man said...

It's still my work's computer! And I still can't install "plazer"*...
I'll try to upload pics regularly, but I can't promise anything...

* In France they call it "Le plazer"

At 07 novembre, 2006 18:53, Anonymous chuebel said...

ok, just for you, try this:

It's a java based* plazer. Fresh from ze brain lab.

At 07 novembre, 2006 21:14, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Amuse toi bien et salue Cédric et Adrien de ma part!


PS: pour les amateurs: vin chaud le 9.12. chez moi à Züri. L'invitation suivra.

At 08 novembre, 2006 18:51, Anonymous dude said...

smooth move, space lad...
try to leave a note!


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