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11 avril 2008

This is John Galt speaking...

... and picking up where I left about the fears!

So where the controlling characterstics are objectively leading to rational behaviour, the passive characteristics lead to complaining and passive/aggressive resistance...

The sad news is that political correctness accepts fear of change and fear of self-realisation as romantic values, but rejects fear of commitment and fear of imperative as characteristics of unfeeling freaks!

Here's what the common sense of the politically correct masses will tell you
"What if you have to go do this and that? In order to keep everyone happy..."
"What if you have to rely on other people? In order to get by, it's ok..."

Well, let me tell you this is not something I agree with. The first compromise leads to all sorts of compromise that cannot be made...

I have just read one of the best books in my life Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Many important people in the economy long secretely swore by this book. I'll try to sum up a facet of my findings:

The achieved, and only it, is the earned
- There's no shame in reaping the earned
- The used of the earned is at total discretion of the earner
- Expected pity or expected generosity is a very pure evil as it bases on the some freely felt guilt of the honest men and women

There can be no real satisfaction besides the earned one
- Making false pretenses about oneself leads to servility towards one's image before others
- Trying to reap the unearned leads to self-deception and ultimately to frustration
- Being accepted as an individual defined by some characteristics under false pretenses leads to seeking excuses, hiding & deceiving one's world

There is only two categories of dealings between humans: Peaceful trade or violent coercion
- Trade is moral as two individuals freely agree to deal with each other
- Violence and coercion are immoral and are never ever to be allowed

Denying this is mysticism or collectivism : Both morals of sacrifice...
- Sacrificing the individual to the collective
- Sacrificing an objective view of the world to a subjective and arbitrary one
- Sacrificing the reason and the mind to the intuition and the unfounded belief
- Sacrificing the productive to the unproductive

Trying to enslave the mind is ultimately doomed to fail, because any system ruled by looting & looters, being through mystic or collectivist subjectivity, is doomed to decay from its inner mechanisms


Here, I'd like to quote La Rochefoucauld's moral maxims a bit, it will get the french all giggly and the Ayn Rand fan all relativizing (yes it's all been said before):

About being objective towards the world and towards ourselves: Self-deception - Maxim 11
Il ne faut pas s'offenser que les autres nous cachent la vérité, puisque nous nous la cachons si souvent à nous-mêmes
We should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it so often from ourselves

About jealousy, that comes from the fact that we cannot admit we didn't make it, where others did - Maxim 25
Il faut de plus grandes vertus pour soutenir la bonne fortune que la mauvaise
We need greater virtues to sustain good than evil fortune

About gratitude and the expectation of generosity - Maxim 298
La reconnaissance de la plupart des hommes n'est qu'une secrète envie de recevoir de plus grands bienfaits
Gratitude is the lively expectation of favours yet to come


I urge any and everyone to read at least the wikipedia article about Ayn Rand as it contains a very good summary of her thoughts...

And, of course, have a good week-end! Without fears nor deceptions...

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